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The Heart Trust/NTA has partnered with private security companies to develop a level one Training Competency Module, which will be imparted to persons interested in becoming security guards.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the annual conference of the Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA), at the Jamaica Conference Centre on March 27, Minister of National Security, Dr. Peter Phillips explained that the training programme would be offered by Excelsior Community College (EXCED), beginning September 1.
The Minister acknowledged that while commendable progress has been made towards the development of a professional security industry, “much more needs to be done”. “Developing an internationally competitive private security sector means putting in place training courses that approximates international standards, with the relevant curriculum delivered by qualified staff,” he emphasized.
“This in turn,” he continued, “can only be achieved if we insist on academic criteria as well as integrity as basic requirements for those entering the profession”.
Dr. Phillips noted that at present, the PSRA is in discussion with other community colleges and universities across the island to introduce the training module as a part of the curriculum to be offered to prospective security guards.
“We need at least one of our universities to establish an effective partnership with the training institutions to provide the continuing research and development that any profession requires,” he reiterated.
With the requisite training, the Minister maintained that the demands of the local private security sector would be met and would develop competent persons for the international marketplace.
“Without a doubt, some of those we train will seek employment overseas. This is a reason for us to train more than we need,” he said.
Dr. Phillips added that in a world where professional labour is becoming mobile, the benefits to be acquired from the training of security personnel to satisfy the international market is twofold. This would be reflected when more persons become employed within the state and secondly, in the remittances garnered from overseas.
The two-day conference is being convened under the theme: ‘Managing Security Threats Facing Small Island States’. More than 200 local and international representatives of the Private Security Industry are taking part. Critical areas to be discussed include – Security for World Cup Cricket 2007; Impending Changes to the PSRA Act; and Labour Market Reform.

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