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The HEART Trust/NTA has established a career development centre in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, to provide assistance to job seekers.
The facility, located at Williams Plaza, boasts state-of-the-art technology and equipment, which were acquired at a cost of approximately $1.9 million.Services provided include job search and placement, interviewing skills, preparing resumes, career awareness and planning.
Addressing the opening ceremony held recently, Merton Jones, HEART Trust’s Regional Manager, explained that, “the purpose of the centre is to help the job hunter to identify, understand and implement the steps needed to secure meaningful employment, by developing goals and understanding market demands for employable skills and abilities”.
“If you are a school leaver, have been unemployed or looking to change careers, then this centre is for you,” he said.
In his remarks, Mayor of Savanna-la-Mar, Delford Morgan, said that it was important that each parish and town be provided with the necessary facilities and services to train and equip its residents for the 21st Century.
“The challenges of today’s Jamaica are not going to be solved by politics, or by handouts, or by allegiance to political parties or to dons or to the get-rich-quick mentality. If we are going to succeed, we have got to work our way through the problems we are experiencing,” Mayor Morgan said.
“The difficulties can be hurdled . by insisting on training our people from primary to post secondary. The international environment is not friendly to sloppiness or receptive to laziness . our people have got to come to grasp with the idea that we’ll have to begin to seriously pursue excellence, learning, training and the acquisition of skills”, he stressed.
He urged students to participate in training programmes offered by the HEART Trust/NTA and other institutions, noting that it was only through higher learning and the acquisition of skills, that the country would improve its competitiveness.

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