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Minister of Health, Hon. Rudyard Spencer, has ordered that an audit be done and an investigation be undertaken, immediately, into the approval process for session and on call payments for medical groups in the public health sector.
The Minister met with representatives of the medical groups on Friday (August 28), and informed them that there may be some irregularities, as it relates to the approval of the payments, and so the Ministry will be conducting a probe.
“I have been getting reports that payments are being authorized by persons who are not the designated authorizing officers. I want to ensure that if this is so, then it is corrected immediately,” he said.
Mr. Spencer made it clear that this investigation is not a witch hunt, nor will it be targeting any specific group of workers.
“My intention is not to trample on anybody’s integrity, but is to ensure that we are all clear on the process and we are adhering to the outlined procedures,” he explained.
He said that he is aware that some persons are not familiar with the proper process involved in authorizing payments, and will also be seeking to give clarity to the issue.

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