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Health Educator with the Clarendon Health Department, Carlisa Pierson, has said that senior citizens still have a significant contribution to make to family life.
“We are hoping to promote our services and improve the access to seniors, so that more of them will come to the health centres to use the services. Even as we are celebrating seniors, we are also promoting parenting. What we hope is that we will be training them, so that they will implement what they have been taught and help families to grow,” she said.
Miss Pierson was speaking at a Senior Citizens Wellness Day, held recently in May Pen, Clarendon, as part of activities for Senior Citizens Month (September).
She said the venture was one of the many partnerships with the National Council for Senior Citizens (NCSC), in a bid to promote improved health among the elderly.
“Wellness is one of the critical programmes we promote at the Health Department. Today, we have joined forces with the National Council for Senior Citizens, to assist this underserved group; underserved in that they do not tend to access health services as easily. We know that they tend to have many of the chronic lifestyle diseases that we are concerned about – diabetes, hypertension, mental disorders. We are hoping this will be an annual venture,” she added.
Several other groups, including the Clarendon 4-H Clubs, the Clarendon Fire Department, CARIMED, Peace Corps, and the Lions Club of May Pen, among others, were on hand to accommodate the senior citizens for the day.
‘Peace in Life’ Ministries provided free counselling, while a group of students from HEART Trust/NTA pampered the seniors with facials, manicures, pedicures, and hair care, free of cost. Medical practitioners also performed mental, dental, and optical examinations on the seniors.
Parish Spelling Bee champion, Ronald Davidson, of the Longville Park Senior Citizens Club, said the Wellness Day was greatly appreciated by members of the senior community.
“This is very good, extremely good; I am only sorry that we do not have more of this, because it is enlightening the seniors, myself, and the others, as to some of the many things, for example the fire, how to deal with it, how to treat your body. I was so well treated. I had my hands done, my face, and my feet; and the fact that we have young people in training here, it makes me feel good. The doctors have been wonderful, the organisers have been wonderful. I am hoping the media will highlight these programmes, because all is not done with old people; there is still a lot that we can do for our country,” Mr. Davidson said.