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The Westmoreland Public Health Department is spearheading the mosquito eradication drive in the parish, with the objective of lessening the threat posed by the pests.
Speaking to JIS News after the Westmoreland Parish Council meeting in Savanna-la-Mar on June 10, Chief Public Health Inspector with the Westmoreland Health Department, Steve Morris, said citizens had a critical role to play in safeguarding the health of all who reside in the parish.
“Because the parish has not had a sustained eradication programme over the years, most of the areas are now having serious problems of mosquito infestation. With the limited financial resources available to us, coupled with the lack of transportation, we at the Health Department are facing a great challenge. We are, however, committed to making the best use of what resources are at our disposal and will want to alert citizens of the critical role that they must play if our efforts are to be successful and sustainable,” Mr. Morris said.
“We will be doing some fogging in specific areas, so as to minimize the threat of malaria outbreak in the parish. In the elevated areas of the parish where citizens store a lot of water in the homes, they will have to ensure that they cover these containers, so they don’t breed mosquitoes, especially the Aedes Egypti type that carry the Dengue virus. Citizens must also ensure that flower pots are checked regularly in order for them not to become breeding grounds for these mosquitoes,” he added.
Mayor of Savanna-la-Mar, Bertel Moore, told JIS News that based on an estimate, some $11.5 million would be needed for the eradication programme, and he was requesting the Minister of Health to assist, as funds were very limited.

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