• Droughts

    During periods of drought, individuals will often have to store water for domestic purposes. It is important to use safe water during the drought periods to prevent diseases and maintain good health.

    Safe water is treated with water. Treat water before it is used for:

    • Drinking
    • Washing fruits and vegetables
    • Making ice
    • Making drinks
    • Preparing food
    • Washing dishes & utensils

    Water taken from the following sources must be treated:

    • Water trucks
    • Springs and rivers
    • Community tanks
    • Drums and catchments tanks


    How to Make Water Safe Using Bleach


    How to Make Water Safe By Boiling

    Allow water to “boil up” for at least five minutes before removing from the fire. Cover and let cool.

    Prevent contamination of the boiling water by:

    • Storing water in a clean covered container. The lid of the container should fit tightly to prevent mosquito breeding.
    • Using a clean container with a handle to “dig-up” the water from storage.

    Do not use containers that were used to store harmful chemicals.

    Source: ODPEM

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