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With no confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus in the parish of Hanover, the Hanover Health Department in collaboration with the Disaster Preparedness Committee on Tuesday (June 30) held an education and awareness seminar for committee members.
Member of the Hanover/Westmoreland Health Education and Promotion team, Marie James, assisted by Chief Public Health Inspector for the parish, Derrick Storer, delivered the lecture and demonstration at a meeting of the committee at the Council Chambers in Lucea.
It was an interactive session, wherein the latest information and statistics on the H1N1 virus were disclosed to the committee, and preventative measures discussed.
Disaster Preparedness Co-ordinator for the parish, Olga Fae Headley, pointed out that every effort will be made to pass on information on the virus to shelter managers, at all future briefings and training sessions.
She said that this was necessary as diseases can easily spread in times of disaster.
“People need to be cautious about the spread of diseases, among other things, in times of disaster,” she stated.
It was emphasised during the seminar, that the practice of good hygiene was the most effective way of preventing the disease, which is mainly contracted by coming in contact with the virus.

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