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The Hanover Parish Council is cracking down on the number of animals roaming the streets with some 21 strays impounded and disposed of as at February 3.
Secretary/Manager of the Hanover Parish Council, Alfred Graham, told JIS News that most of the captured animals have been sold by public auction, “because in most cases, the owners have not gone to the pound to reclaim those animals”.
With stray animals causing several road accidents in Hanover last year and the parish council having no operable animal pound, the decision was taken to enter into an arrangement with the St. James Parish Council for the capture and storage of the animals at the Montpellier pound.
Mr. Graham said that the arrangement has been working beautifully, and there has been a vast reduction in the number of animals roaming the streets of Hanover. In addition, he said that the effort was having the desired effect of urging owners to secure their animals lest they be impounded.
He stated that the exercise of capturing and impounding stray animals would be an ongoing one, as they cause loss of life and damage to property.
The section of the North Coast Highway between Great River and Lucea has been identified as the main problem area with regards to stray animals.

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