Hanover Parish and Nottingham City Councils Sign Friendship Agreement

The Hanover Parish Council and the Nottingham City Council of the United Kingdom have signed a Friendship Agreement, aimed at creating an exchange of opportunities in tourism, investment, education, culture and sports between the two councils.
Chairman of the Hanover Parish Council and Mayor of Lucea, Councillor Vasca Brown signed the agreement on behalf of his council, while His Worship Lord Mayor of Nottingham City, Councillor Desmond Wilson, signed on behalf of that council. The signing took place on March 2 in the chambers of the Hanover Parish Council in Lucea, Hanover.
This ceremony marks the culmination of years of preparatory work and discussions between representatives of both councils, with Mayor Wilson, who was born in Hanover, leading the initiative.
In his address at the signing ceremony, Mayor Brown congratulated Mayor Wilson for his lifetime achievements, particularly that of rising from his humble beginnings in the rural township of Middlesex, Hanover, to become Mayor of Nottingham City twice.
Mr. Brown said that the friendship agreement was not intended to be a one-sided affair. “As partners, residents in Nottingham City will be able to participate in the opportunities which they can identify here in Hanover,” he said, adding that tourism and other investment possibilities came readily to mind.
“This friendship agreement is a golden opportunity whose time has come,” he emphasized.
In his comments, Mayor Wilson pointed out that he has been involved in many charitable activities, through which several organizations and communities throughout Jamaica have benefited. He pledged to make every effort to ensure that the parish of Hanover would now join that list of beneficiaries.
He described the agreement as a necessary foundation which has to be in place for benefits to begin to flow to the parish of Hanover.
“I hope that this friendship link will be used for the benefit of the people of Hanover,” Mayor Wilson said.
He noted that he has already initiated several discussions which should result in some benefit to the parish.

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