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The Hanover library service is encouraging greater public use of its branches this year and will be utilizing its mobile book facility, among other services, to reach out to residents.
Marvetta Stewart, Senior Librarian at the Hanover Parish Library told JIS News, that while service in the parish was going well, there was always room for improvement. “We have been trying our best to get the public more involved with the services that the libraries offer. We have been doing other things now, apart from the book service, we have been trying to do other things in the communities to make our presence felt,” she said.
Hanover has five branch libraries in addition to the parish library located in Lucea. There is a mobile book service, which makes some 42 stops in communities and schools throughout the parish on a fortnightly basis.
Meanwhile, Miss Stewart informed that a number of the branches lost valuable equipment as a result of robberies between February and July of last year and administrators were working with the police to deal with the problem.
Despite being monitored by a private security company, there were two major robberies and attempted break-ins at the parish library and one break-in at the Hopewell branch. Several computers, small appliances and other equipment were stolen from the libraries, which for a short period, led to the curtailment of information technology services to the public.
“We have lost five computers in all throughout the network – four from here at the parish library, and one from the Hopewell branch library”, Miss Stewart informed.
Miss Stewart reported that following meetings with the Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of area one, Keith “Trinity” Gardner, and Superintendent in charge of Hanover, Paul Stanton, assurances have been given that strategic steps were being taken to prevent any repeat incidents.
Miss Stewart pointed out that although the libraries have been set back by the burglaries, administrators within the library service have moved quickly to minimize the effects of those burglaries by borrowing and relocating computers from other library outlets.

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