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Three districts are still under water from Tropical Storm Nicole, but Mayor of Lucea and Chairman of the Hanover Parish Council, Councillor Lloyd Hill, insists that the parish is as prepared as it can be for any eventualities from Tropical Storm Tomas.
Mayor Hill made the declaration in an interview with JIS News following an emergency Disaster Preparedness Committee meeting in the Council Chambers, Wednesday (November 3).
“I am confident that we are as prepared as we can be, notwithstanding the fact that you are never one hundred percent prepared based on constraints of resources,” he stated.
He pointed to an ongoing drain cleaning programme to minimize flooding, over sixty emergency shelters identified and in a state of readiness and Centre Managers for the shelters in place and ready to take up duties, if the need arises.
With representatives from approximately 15 agencies and organizations attending, Mayor Hill explained that the committee has been meeting regularly and is in a state of readiness and on top of the situation. He said that the situation in Chigwell, Pearces Village and Forrest in the eastern end of the parish, which are still under water, is being closely monitored to prevent any deterioration in health, social, physical and environmental conditions in the area.
“We have to assume that, if that additional rainfall comes, then you will find that in all areas the water will start rising again and we have to be prepared,” he stated.
He disclosed that there is a coordinated effort to monitor areas with respect to the distribution of supplies and assistance, to protect the lives of persons living in those areas.

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