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It is said that this is the season to be merry, and as such, at this time of the year the more fortunate is expected to be looking out for the least fortunate, even more than before. 

Several individuals and organizations across the island have been “going the extra mile” to share and spread some love and joy with others for the season.

One area in which charitable contributions, and the spreading of love and joy, cannot be too much, is the support for the island’s infirmaries.

Ministers of Local Government and Community Development, past and present, who have portfolio responsibility for the operation of the island’s infirmaries, have always appealed for persons to support the facilities and their vulnerable residents.    

The Hanover Infirmary, located on Watson Taylor Drive, Lucea, with its 51 residents, 30 males and 21 females, came in for some attention on Wednesday, December 12,  as representatives from two organisations and a school visited the institution to sing and pray with the residents and present them with thousands of dollars worth of food and clothing.

The good Samaritans included representatives from the Tryall Club Hotel’s Sports Club, the Hopewell Citizens Association, and the Russeas High School.

Kayon Dyer, Nurse Aide at the Hanover Infirmary expressed heart-felt appreciation to the visitors on behalf of the administrators and residents, adding that the food items and clothes will go a far way in the care of residents and operating the facility.

She tells JIS News that the infirmary has always received good support from the Hanover community, with different organisations and individuals visiting and making contributions.

“You have the schools, you have the clubs, coming in almost on a day to day basis, the churches coming in to do praise and worship, so the spiritual aspect of the residents too are taken care of,” she states.

Guidance Counsellor at Russeas High, Mrs Veedolin Boelin, says students from visit the infirmary on a regular basis to care and share with the residents.

“We brought approximately 50 students here today, it is an annual event   – our outreach – when we come to the Infirmary.  These young people are very concerned that some of these residents have no one, no family who actually comes so they (the students) come every year, they pray with them, have devotion, and try to bring them a little Christmas spirit, so that the residents do not feel left out,” she explains.

She noted that the visiting student group from grade seven to eleven, have all made personal contributions towards buying food and gifts for the residents of the facility.

President of the Tryall Club Hotel, Sports Club, and the Hopewell Citizens Association, Derrick Wright, pointed out that, “Both associations sat and we arrive at the decision that some of the residents at the Infirmary are citizens from in and around Hopewell and Tryall, the less fortunate who worked hard in their young days and now they are in the Infirmary, so we see it fit to go and give back something to them”.

He noted that the organisations will also be making a presentation to the Westheaven Children’s Home located in the Lethe area of the parish, as part of their outreach programme for the Christmas season.

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