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The Hanover Health Department is reporting success with its health certification programme, having certified 453 food establishments last year, which was 21 more than the target of 432.
In a report presented at the monthly meeting of the Hanover Parish Council in Lucea yesterday (Feb. 9), Chief Public Health Inspector for Hanover, Derrick Storer, informed that 3,218 premises were inspected, which was 818 more than the 2,400 target.
Of the 800 itinerant vendors within the parish, 71 per cent or 571 were located and processed for health certification, he told the meeting. He also informed that approximately 5,430 persons attended food handler’s certification clinics throughout the year, with a view to being health certified.
“In terms of the status of our tourist establishments, we are proud to note that where hotels are concerned, 91.6 per cent of our hotels are health certified, which is 11 out of 12. All our villas and guesthouses were health certified for last year. We also have three attractions and all of these were health certified,” Mr. Storer pointed out.
Turning to applications for permits and licences, the Chief Public Health Inspector said that during 2005, the Hanover Health Department received 33 applications for butcher licences, 28 of which were recommended while five were turned down.
In addition, of 193 building plans, 183 were recommended; 15 licences were recommended for barbers and hairdressers, while 41 of 49 applications for spirit licences were recommended, with eight turned down.

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