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The Hanover Division of the Jamaica Fire Brigade is reporting a decrease in the number of fires in the parish over the last two months, which they credit to the increased rainfall.
“Since the month of April, there has been a vast decrease in the number of calls we are receiving, and this is due to the showers that we have been getting, so we have less bush fires,” said Superintendent Morine Thompson.
She told JIS News, that of the approximately 255 genuine calls received between January and April, 95 per cent related to bush fires, while the remaining five per cent were to report burning dwellings and utility poles.
Giving a breakdown of the number of calls received over the period, she said that in January, 19 calls were received, 130 in February, 110 in March, 31 in April and 11 since the start of May.
With approximately $754.6 million in property at risk over the period, the firefighters were able to act quickly, even with limited resources, to curtail losses to just under $17 million.
Meanwhile, two persons lost their lives, four civilians and one fireman suffered injuries, while 19 persons were left homeless.
Superintendent Thompson told JIS News, that while the division’s public education drive had resulted in a reduction in false fire calls, she was not satisfied that the programme was having the desired effect of reducing the incidence of fires. She noted that most of the fires were caused from garbage left to burn unattended.
“Most of the fires that are left unattended are usually those that turn out to cause some damage. Of course, there are the general tips where you must put away items like matches and other flammable substances from children”, she stated.

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