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The Clarendon Health Department will be launching a hand-washing programme in schools to encourage students to practise proper hygiene.
The programme has been approved by the Ministry of Health and is being implemented in collaboration with Colgate Palmolive Company Limited.
In a JIS News interview, Shelton Maxwell, Health Educator at the Clarendon Health Department, explained that some 6,000 primary school students from grades three to five, would be targeted under the initiative.
Colgate Palmolive will provide the hand-washing kits and information material while the Ministry of Health will carry out the initial demonstrations at the schools during the week of November 8 to 12. Teachers will assume responsibility for the continuation of the programme.
A chief aim of the programme, Mr. Maxwell said, was to reduce the incidence of gastroenteritis, as there has been an increase in reported cases since the passage of Hurricane Ivan. “From the Health Department’s perspective, we see this programme as very timely in light of the recent passage of Hurricane Ivan and issues such as personal hygiene, especially proper and frequent hand-washing is essential,” he pointed out.
A similar hand-washing programme has been implemented in schools in St. Catherine.

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