JIS News

The Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ) will be ramping up its land-titling effort come 2019.

“The drive now is to get more titles in the hands of Jamaicans,” Senior Public Relations and Marketing Manager, Richard Jones, told JIS News.

“The Government is making a big push to have more Jamaican land title owners, so we spend a lot of time and effort on the titling programme. There are many parcels of lands that are in the hands of persons, some of these lots are informally owned, and we plan to fix this,” he said.

Mr. Jones noted that since 2010, the Government, through the HAJ, has disbursed more than 8,000 land titles.

“We have another 8,000 or so in our vaults waiting to be disbursed to persons who are qualified. In fact, we have an upcoming programme where we will be heavily discounting prices to encourage persons to pay for their lots and get their titles in their hands,” he said.

“We are trying as best as we can to get the word out to persons, using various platforms. We just want persons to be proactive, act in their own best interest and clear their balances, and get their titles in their hands,” he added.

Mr. Jones pointed out that a land title is a valuable asset, as it can be used in securing loans, among other things.