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Minister with responsibility for Information, the Hon Daryl Vaz, says that provisions are in place for the 62 Haitians who landed in Portland early Tuesday morning (March 23).
Mr. Vaz said the Haitians would be duly processed by the various Government agencies, and that provisions have been made, through the Haitian Relief Fund, to support any eventuality and to ensure the processing and other arrangements for their accommodation.
He said that the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) would be holding a strategy meeting to discuss the speedy processing of the Haitians, and to ensure that all the agencies are collaborating on the issue.
The Police confirmed Tuesday that 62 Haitian nationals landed in Portland two boats in the morning. The first boat landed at approximately 3:30 am at Manchioneal carrying 35 Haitians (24 men, 6 women and five children). The second boat landed at Winnifred’s Beach at approximately 8:30 am with 27 Haitians (24 male, two women and one child).
The 62 Haitians were being medically checked by representatives of the Ministry of Health. Other agencies of Government, including representatives from the Immigration Department, are at the centres where the Haitians are now located.
An estimated 230,000 people died when a magnitude-7 earthquake struck Haiti on Jan. 12. Another 1.3 million survivors were left homeless.

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