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At least 20 families in the Old Harbour Bay community in St. Catherine are benefiting from an initiative by Habitat for Humanity Jamaica, to provide shelter for families still suffering from the damage caused by Hurricane Ivan in September last year.
This is being done in collaboration with the Blackwood Gardens Citizens Association from Old Harbour Bay.
Murphy Markland, Project Officer at Habitat for Humanity Jamaica, explained that his organization was a non-profit group working to provide low income housing solutions since 1992.
He pointed out that currently, Old Harbour Bay was the main project being worked on, adding that just over $1 million had been spent in that community to repair and rebuild roofs and houses.
“We’ve been doing a lot of repairs and looking after housing for really elderly families and persons who have been affected by the hurricane. We’d love to believe that this is very meaningful and that this is something that people will treasure for a long time,” he said.
In addition to Old Harbour Bay, plans are underway to carry out similar projects in the communities of Whitehorses, Pamphret and Botany Bay inSt. Thomas as well as Pollyground in St. Catherine.
The houses are being built, with community members providing labour, while Habitat for Humanity provides the materials and support.
Through partnerships with community-based organizations, over 100 families are expected to benefit islandwide from the programme, which is to last until June this year.

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