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As part of the on-going post-Tropical Storm Gustav emergency repairs to the public drainage and gully system, work is to be undertaken on two infrastructural projects in Kingston, for which contracts have been signed.
The contracts involve construction work on Collie Smith Gully, in the vicinity of Marcus Garvey Drive, and Barnes Gully that runs along South Camp Road. Each contract will last for a period of six months.
Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport and Works, Joseph Hibbert, who signed the contracts on April 23, at the Ministry, in Kingston, said the work on Collie Smith Gully would include construction of a reinforced retaining wall and gully invert. The work will be done along Spanish Town Road on to Marcus Garvey Drive.
This particular gully, during heavy rainfall, usually overflows, flooding homes and roadways. The contract for the Collie Smith Gully repairs has been awarded to Incomparable Enterprise Limited for approximately $68.9 million.
For Barnes Gully, Mr. Hibbert explained that a rubble wall and a gully invert would be erected. The contract, worth approximately $46 million, was granted to Alpha Construction Limited.
“Collectively, these contracts are expected to help to significantly advance aspects of the country’s public facilities and infrastructure,” he said. Mr. Hibbert informed the contractors that high quality work was expected.
A contract was also signed for the procurement of two vehicular weight scales and two axle scale trailers. The equipment will be supplied by Advanced Scales and Equipment Limited, at a cost of US$103,130.
The State Minister emphasised that all effort must be made to lessen the overloading of motor trucks on the roadways, “which have contributed significantly to the breakdown of sections of the national road network, well ahead of the natural life of the roadways.”
Mr. Hibbert pointed out that the scales would arrive in the island within a few months.
In addition to the portable weight scales, the four fixed weight scales, for which the Ministry signed a US$500 million contract last month, would be in the country within three months, the State Minister informed.
These static scales will be strategically established across the island, in Harbour View, St. Andrew; Agualta Vale, St. Mary; Coral Spring, Trelawny; and at Ferry in St. Catherine.

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