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Vice President for Academic Administration, at Northern Caribbean University (NCU), Dr. Beverly Cameron, has said that Guidance Counsellors work tirelessly to sway the nation’s youth from negative tendencies.
Dr. Cameron, who was guest speaker at the Ministry of Education, Exemplary and Counselling Programme Awards function, held at the NCU campus in Mandeville, Manchester, on October 28, pointed out that Guidance Counsellors have been steadfast in guiding and directing young people.
“Each youth that you have rescued from a life of crime and violence by your intervention, through your innovative guidance programmes, has spared somebody from becoming another crime statistic. Instead of playing the blame game, you have tried to be part of the solution, and have made outstanding efforts to brighten the corner where you are,” she told the Guidance Counsellors in attendance.
Lauding them for their exemplary work in schools and communities, Dr. Cameron said they have to work creatively, to gain the confidence of persons, in order to deal effectively with day to day challenges.
“The ability to put people at ease and give information clearly is critical to your success, and you have had to find creative ways of winning the trust of those you serve. Without this trust, you can achieve little, and the fact that you are being recognised today, is indicative that you have mastered the art of winning people’s confidence,” she said.
“I believe you have been guided by the ethics of your profession, as stated by the international organisation governing guidance counselling – to improve your activity, show respect to every human being, be in favour of justice, and oppose all forms of discrimination,” Dr. Cameron added.
She argued that despite the negatives in the society, Guidance Counsellors continue to have faith in the youth of the current generation.
“We honour you today, because you have made a difference, not only in the lives of the young people, with whom you interface every day, but in the quality of life that all of us will have to live,” Dr. Cameron said.
Norwich Primary School, in Portland, copped the top prize for Exemplary Guidance Counselling, while Hampton High School, in St. Elizabeth, received the second prize.

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