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  • Michae Bradshaw and Nethaneel Campbell are this year’s recipients of the Guardian Life Limited GSAT scholarships
  • Both students will each receive $50,000 annually for five years
  • Some 20 other youngsters were also presented with a one-off education grant valued at $20,000 each

Michae Bradshaw and Nethaneel Campbell are this year’s recipients of the Guardian Life Limited Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) scholarships.

Both students, who performed outstandingly in this year’s GSAT examinations, will each receive $50,000 annually for five years to finance their secondary education. The tenure of the scholarship is subject to the awardees maintaining at least a ‘B’ average each year.

Michae and Nethaneel, who were selected by the Ministry of Education from a list of some 115 students, were presented with their prizes, including a gift basket and a plaque, during a special luncheon held at the company’s headquarters in New Kingston, on August 14.

Some 20 other youngsters, all of whom are top GSAT performers, were also presented with a one-off education grant valued at $20,000 each.

In addition to the GSAT scholarships, four top performing students from the Denham Town and Alpha Primary schools were awarded bursaries valued at $25,000 each. They are: Dalbert Gray and Jhosann Reid from Denham Town Primary and Shanelle Allen and Kevin Wilson from Alpha Primary school.

Keynote speaker, Education Minister, Hon. Rev.  Ronald Thwaites, congratulated the awardees, imploring them to remain focused, even in the face of immense challenges.

“The next big test is five years away when you will sit your CSEC exams and during that time discipline and hard work will be required,” he advised.

Mr. Thwaites also commended Guardian Life for “continuing this gesture for the eighth consecutive year.”

President of Guardian Life, Eric Hosin, said the company was delighted to extend assistance to the young scholars and their families.

“The Guardian Group remains committed to education and we believe that we can show this in a tangible way by helping parents and guardians to live easy, knowing that some of the financial burden has been lifted,” he said.

In his response, Top Boy, Nethaneel said he was grateful to Guardian Life for the award, which will “undoubtedly go a far way in assisting my parents to finance my high school education over the next five years.”

The Vaz Preparatory past student, who will be attending the Wolmers Boys’ School in September, also extended gratitude to God, his parents and his teachers. “I will do my best to make you proud,” he promised.

For her part, Top Girl, Michae said she is pleased that all her hard work has paid off and will continue to work hard to maintain the scholarship over the next five years.

Michae, who will be attending Campion College at the start of the upcoming academic year, said her dream for the future is to become a paediatric neurosurgeon.

She further thanked her mother and her teachers at the Immaculate Preparatory school “who helped me to lead my ship into victory.”

Since 2006, the Guardian Life Limited’s GSAT Scholarship programme has benefited children or legal wards of policyholders and staff members. The scholarship is awarded to top GSAT performers who are not the recipients of any other scholarship. Funds under the programme are to underwrite the awardees’ costs at high school.

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