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Seven students of Top Hill All-age School in Manchester who sat the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), were feted recently by the institution.
The students recorded marks in the mid 70s with one student achieving passes in the high 90s..
Principal of the school, Ilene Williams told JIS News that the students did them proud and that she was most delighted to give them a family-like send off as they prepare for their new schools.
“This school is situated in deep rural Manchester, and for our students to have done so well, we feel that it is a milestone for the community and the teachers who worked so hard to prepare them. We thank our Member of Parliament, Audley Shaw who, along with business man Lenox Powell, made it possible for us to take the students out and reason with each other as they go on to new institutions in pursuit of higher learning,” Mrs. Williams said.
Keanan Wallace, who topped the passes and will be going to Manchester High, said he was grateful for the time that his teachers spent with him and fellow students. “Because our school is small with just 58 students and it is far away from the town, people didn’t believe that we could do well. But we have good teachers who spend extra time with us, and students take their lessons seriously and that is why we did so well,” Keanan told JIS News.

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