• JIS News

    It is now easier for motorists to enter and exit the grounds of the Percy Junor Hospital following improvement works undertaken at a cost of $9.2 million under the Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme (JEEP).

    The two-month project, which was completed towards the end of last year, involved widening and paving of the driveway and parking areas,  relocation of the guardhouse, putting in security barriers,  and replacement of an old chain link fence.

    At a ceremony held at the hospital in Spalding, Manchester on January 29, to showcase the work, State Minister in the Transport, Works and Housing Ministry, Hon. Richard Azan, said the improvements have provided a more pleasant environment for patients and staff.

    He noted that the widening of the driveway and relocation of the guardhouse will reduce traffic built-up and improve access to the grounds. “Motorists no longer have to wait in the roadway until the security guard approves of their entry to the hospital ground,” he pointed out.

    Member of Parliament for North East Manchester, Audley Shaw, expressed gratitude on behalf of his constituency, noting that the grounds improvement project is a “wonderful initiative.”

    He also used the opportunity to praise the hospital staff for their “faithfulness and hard work.”

    For his part, Senior Medical Officer (SMO) at the hospital, Dr. Carlos Wilson, said the face-lift will transform the morale of the hospital staff as well as the patients.

    “Now, you will see a place that is looking like the best hospital in Jamaica, so you will expect the staff to treat you the best and you will expect the best care,” he said.

    The SMO noted that the bottleneck associated with vehicles coming into the hospital has now been eliminated.

    A total of 48 persons were employed on the project.

    Percy Junior Hospital is a Type C facility located near the Clarendon border.