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The administration at the Green Island Primary School in Hanover, students and parents are celebrating the results of the 2021 Primary Exit Profile (PEP).

Principal of the institution, Vaccianna Moseley, tells JIS News that he is pleased with the students’ performance, describing the results as “encouraging”.

He says despite the challenges of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, 76 per cent of the students were placed in their secondary school of choice, which includes the Manning’s School, Cornwall College, Ruseas High, Munroe College and Mount Alvernia High.

“The results this year are very encouraging. [The students’] performance overall, I think it’s something that we are very proud of. We are very proud of it because it has been a year like we have never seen before, and despite the challenges, we rose to the occasion,” he says.

“We’re very fortunate to have a significant amount of our students scoring in the pathway one level, about 73 out of 102, and I think that’s a very high figure. Only one student’s performance was at the pathway three. I think it’s 23 per cent roughly, who were at the pathway two so this is something that we are extremely proud of, as the challenge was great,” Mr. Mosely adds.

The Principal lauds the teachers for their dedication in preparing the students, as well as stakeholders, including Cornerstone Jamaica, which supported the institution by providing students with devices to engage in virtual learning.

“I am extremely proud and grateful for the effort that my teachers actually put in into getting these students to do well, so I want to take my hat off to them,” he says.

Mr. Mosely further expressed gratitude to the Ministry and other stakeholders “who came in and equipped us with some of the tools that are necessary to make it happen, especially the fact that we had virtual school and there was a need for numerous devices and Internet connectivity”.

Meanwhile, students at the institution are revelling in their achievements.

Top-performing girl, Taneisha Moseley, who will be attending the Manning’s school in Westmoreland told JIS News that she is pleased that her hard work has paid off.

The 12-year-old, who attained a 100-percentile rank among all test-takers in the PEP Ability Test, tells JIS News that she studied consistently.

“I am happy because all of my mom’s female children, they are all going to that same school, and they all got to be top girl at their [primary] school, and I am proud that I could make that dream come true for myself. Every day I wake up I would try my best to go through the notes that my grade teacher leaves for the class,” she notes.

Taneisha’s mother, Doreen Mullings, tells JIS News that she was overwhelmed with joy when she received news of her daughter’s achievement.

“I feel excellent; I feel good because… I am a single mom of five and I work so hard, so I feel so good about it,” she says.

For his part, top-performing boy, Marc-Anthony Williams, says he was overjoyed that he has been placed at the Manning’s School, which was the institution of his choice.

Marc-Anthony also achieved a 100-percentile rank among all test-takers in the PEP Ability Test.

“I feel happy and grateful. I prepared by studying and memorising what my teacher taught,” he shares.

His mother, Mishell Myrie, says she is elated with her son’s success, having been placed at her alma mater.

“I am on cloud nine. When I was choosing schools for him, I wanted to choose another school, but he said, ‘no Mommy, I want to go to Manning’s’, so I had to put that as his first choice. In terms of top boy, we found out two hours after [the results] and we were in the house jumping up and down”, the proud mother relates to JIS News.

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