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Minister with responsibility for Sports, Hon. Natalie Neita-Headley, says money has been identified to develop the Gray’s Inn sport complex in St. Mary.

She informed that the parish’s three Members of Parliament have committed $700,000 each, from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) towards the development of the sport complex, so that it will be able to host premier league football games.

The funds from the Members of Parliament will be matched by a donation of $2.3 million from Jamaica Producers.

The news was greeted with cheers from residents who turned out at the Social Development Commission (SDC) Parish Forum, held at St. Mary High School, on February 21.

Mrs. Neita-Headley was responding to a member of the audience, who wanted to know about the Government’s development plan for sporting facilities in the community.

The Minister also revealed that Government is looking at a comprehensive plan to ensure that children living in rural areas will have access to at least one proper sporting facility within reasonable distance of where they live.

She said in the case of St. Mary, that facility would be at Clembhard’s Park, which is the most central site. She said the Sports Development Foundation (SDF) will be looking to develop the venue as a proper multi-purpose facility.

“We are looking to see how quickly we can put in a proper field, proper basketball, netball and volleyball court, proper fencing, and seating,” the Minster said.