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The Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, the Honourable Olivia Grange, MP has formally presented athletic equipment donated by the German manufacturer Adidas to four Jamaican schools under a new initiative aimed at giving greater support to youth athletes.
Minister Grange said the initiative which will allow for the distribution of donated athletic goods to schools in a timely manner was one of the results from her trip to the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008.
Minister Grange said:”When I was in Beijing, Adidas invited me to have discussions and one of the things I highlighted was that I wanted more support for sports in schools.
“They said, well look, we’ve been doing what we can, we’re willing to do more, but there are some issues: when we send the goods, they sit for long; then they incur storage costs; the schools don’t get the things on time; and it is very frustrating for the principals and the coaches.
“So I said, I will receive the goods; I will see to their distribution; and I will ensure that the students, the athletes, are provided with these goods through the Ministry facilitating the process.”
The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture co-ordinated the donations from Adidas, cleared the equipment and made deliveries to the schools.
The schools which received presentations today (Thursday) were Vere Technical, Manchester High, Camperdown High and the GC Foster College of Physical Education and Sport.
The principals said the Ministry’s new structured approach was a huge relief.
“You have taken the hassle out of us getting the gear”, said the Principal of Vere Technical, Dr. Henrietta Stewart. She added that “in the future, we don’t have to have the problems of clearing the gear from the wharf and all the expense and problems that go with getting the gear into the school. And I am sure Adidas will be pleased too.”
The Principal of Camperdown High, Mrs. Cynthia Cooke expressed delight at the speed at which the goods were cleared and delivered. “We feel very special here this afternoon Minister because it is not easy to get these goods cleared. That has been a sore point with us and I remember once, the storage fees exceeded the tax on the goods which we were required to pay. But we are most grateful at this time because when we heard that the goods were cleared, we were shocked. It took almost no time. And if this is what is going to happen in the future, then glory be.”
Minister Grange gave the assurance that the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture would continue to give support to schools and national associations in the overall development of sports.

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