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Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Honourable Olivia Grange, had a breakfast meeting today (Feb 15) with members of the Special Olympics Jamaica aquatics team that will participate in the 2nd Special Olympics Latin America from February 19-27, 2010 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Minister Grange wished the team the very best.
“These youngsters are just wonderful and to see the work that Special Olympics Jamaica has done with them, it really warms my heart.
“I really congratulate Special Olympics Jamaica for the wonderful work that they are doing with these youngsters; it takes a lot of caring, it takes a lot love and it takes a lot of that spirit of giving and sharing.
“So I had to take the time out this morning, although it’s Cabinet day, to have breakfast with them and to wish them all the best.”
The Minister also encouraged the parents of Special Olympians:
“I want to congratulate the parents, who are always supportive of the team and of Special Olympics Jamaica. I will always find time for them.
“I wish them all the best and I hope they will come back with that winning spirit they always display.”
The Jamaican team comprising Andrew Bartholomew, Nicholas McBean, Crystal Knight, Raquel Lovindeer, Yvonne McBean (Manager) and Buelah Bartholomew (Coach and Head of Delegation), will travel to Puerto Rico on Thursday, February 18.

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