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The Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, the Honourable Olivia Grange, has condemned the deadly attack on a pregnant woman and two children in Hanover yesterday ( April 25).

It’s reported that 38-year-old Abanique Cunningham and her two children — four-year-old Sanique Coote and seven-year-old Jayanna Coote — were chopped to death.

Minister Grange said it was a “tragedy” and a “most horrific case of gender based violence which I condemn in the strongest sense of the word.”

According to the Minister, tthis latest incident brings into focus the importance of efforts to eliminate gender-based violence and to transform the ways in which we bring about a change in how women are perceived.

“Governmental action is vital to prevent and end gender violence, but success requires people speaking up. I note that the police have made an arrest in this case, and I encourage anyone with any information that can assist in this case to make a report to the police,” the Minister said.

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