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Graduates of Bethlehem Moravian College, in St. Elizabeth, have been encouraged to use their training to help create a better society, by Head of Capital and Credit Financial Group, Ryland Campbell.
“Renew your minds to champion the cause of our liberation as a people, who can achieve excellence in any area of human activity, as we strive to build our country and create a better life for all of us,” he said.
Mr. Campbell was delivering the keynote address at the college’s graduation ceremony on November 26.
He suggested that the graduates should see themselves as the foundation for change in the lives of future generations, and that they must make their presence felt in Jamaica’s socio-economic development, by being the catalyst to elevate the country to its world-ranking as first-rate citizens, known not only for its athletic prowess and beautiful beaches, but for being the most productive, hardworking and disciplined people.
“Graduates, whatever your destination in the world of work, remember this, you have an obligation to ‘light a candle, sing a sankey and find your way back home’ to being exemplary leaders who, by example, will help to reshape Jamaica, without which future generations will be lost. Your certificate means nothing if you do not use the opportunity to make a difference in your chosen field and in the lives of others,” he said.
In his message to the graduates, Chairman of the institution, Mr. Lowel Morgan, challenged them to be brave teachers, who are going to inspire students to be different. He emphasised that the country expects them to educate with passion and serve as role models to their charges.
For the graduates with Associate Degrees in Business and Hospitality Management, Mr. Morgan challenged them to be business leaders of the society. “No society is safe if its economy is in disarray; it is the productive sector that is the driving force of the nation. Think how you can use what you have learnt to make a positive impact in your field,” he urged them.

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