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Graduates of the Bethlehem Moravian College, in St. Elizabeth, have been encouraged by Chairman of the Board, Lowell Morgan, to stay in Jamaica, and use their skills gained at the institution, to build a better society.
“I hope that you have learnt the importance of service to the greater society, and to God. You may feel that by yourself, you cannot make a difference; however, your collective service can shape the destiny of this generation. We live in an increasingly challenging society, but that should not deter you from giving back to society. You can make a difference. Yes you can. The easy option would be to take your degrees and diplomas, pack up and leave these shores in pursuit of financial gains. I challenge you, stay in Jamaica, and serve this country,” Mr. Morgan told the teachers, while addressing their graduation ceremony, recently.
“You have an obligation to stand up for righteousness and the downtrodden and to all the evil permeating the society. The future depends on you, be ambitious, have a vision for a united Jamaica, believe in yourself and what you can contribute to this country,” he added.
In her address, Acting Principal of the College, Andrea Wilson-Graham, said the education that the graduates had gained at the institution, has prepared them morally, spiritually and socially, to respond to the many challenges facing the world.
“The challenges, technological advances, social and economic conditions of the work world await you. The demands on you will necessitate you being flexible, creative, adaptable and accept diversity in all forms. The onus is on you to prove yourselves worthwhile and competent, by displaying the specific skills and competencies required, so as to meet these demands,” Mrs. Wilson-Graham said.

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