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Some 50,000 Grade One students island wide are expected to participate in the first ever Grade One Individual Learning Profile assessment, which is to commence on Monday, August 25 in all primary schools.
The announcement was made by Senior Officer in the Student Assessment Unit of the Ministry of Education, Sharon Neil.
“It replaces the Grade One Readiness Inventory and it is going to be administered starting August 25 to 29. Teachers may continue the administration until approximately September 19,” Mrs. Neil explained, while adding that the assessment would measure the students’ academic and social readiness.
“The instrument itself is designed to measure students’ academic progress and their social readiness for primary school. We have also designed an instrument called the Grade One Learning Environment Profile, which is designed to determine the readiness of the school and the classroom in particular for the Grade One child, because we think it is important to assess the child’s readiness for school and the classroom’s readiness to receive the child,” the Senior Officer noted.
She also pointed out that the assessment would focus on a number of areas appropriate for Grade One students.
“We have items on the assessment that measure academic readiness by looking at reading, number concepts, oral language, writing and drawing, and also to measure their social readiness. It will be administered in such a way that the teacher will administer some of the items individually and then there are also items that the teacher will respond to, by observing the children in the classroom situation during the first couple of weeks at school,” she informed.
“These items will be looking at students, social habits in terms of how they interact with each other in the classroom, their awareness of and familiarity with some basic social rules, and how they behave in groups,” Mrs. Neil added.
The assessment will provide some baseline information for each student. “The primary objective is to provide teachers with information about what skills the child comes to school with and it will therefore assist the teacher to plan appropriately for each child. What the assessment will result in, is a profile of each child, which the teacher can then use to determine what individual assistance each child will need,” Mrs. Neil stated.