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KINGSTON — Several pieces of land surveying equipment were presented to the Government and the University of Technology (UTech), at a ceremony at the Department of Local Government, Kingston on Tuesday June 14.

Five total stations were donated to UTech and two total stations and a Global Positioning System (GPS) station were handed over to the Government by the Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation (KCSC), as part of a partnership agreement under the current Land Administration and Management Programme (LAMP II).  

Minister of State with responsibility for Local Government, Hon Robert Montague, explained that the Government entered into a partnership with the Korean firm, about a year now, to expand LAMP II. He noted that part of that agreement involved working with UTech, which trains land surveyors.

“For us at Local Government, these pieces of equipment are going to help us to meet our financial targets… (and will help) to properly define boundaries of property. We will be able to issue the relevant valuation notice and… collect property taxes,” he said.

Representative of KCSC in Jamaica, Wonjun Choi, said the company was happy for the opportunity to extend the relationship with the country. He said the entity remained committed to continue working with the Government on land titling projects.

LAMP is a Government initiative, designed to help landowners in Jamaica who do not possess a Certificate of Title to acquire the document. It also helps to update information on existing land titles. LAMP II, launched in July, 2010, is aimed at improving the capacity of the programme to deliver land titles, as well as complete a digital cadastral/registry to be used for planning and development.

KCSC and its local representative, Geoland Title Limited, through a partnership with the Government, have been instrumental in the expansion of LAMP II into St. Elizabeth, Manchester and Clarendon.

KCSC, one of the largest land surveying companies worldwide, has introduced advanced land surveying and land information systems to Jamaica. The company has also embarked on developing industry-academia co-operation, in the field of cadastre (a public register of property showing the extent, value, and ownership of land for taxation), surveying and land titling. KCSC has partnered with UTech and the National Land Agency in this undertaking.