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The Government will be launching a national parenting education programme, as part of its thrust to promote effective parenting and better family life in the society.
This was announced by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller in her Budget Debate presentation in the House of Representatives today (May 1).
In a speech placing heavy emphasis on improving family life in Jamaica, Mrs. Simpson Miller noted that charting the future would require families that are functioning effectively.
“Because so many are not, my administration is paying special attention to the family and to family life. As we move toward the future together, as one Jamaican family.I believe that we must start with parenting,” she stressed.
The parenting education programme will target both young adults and teenage parents, who “are not prepared economically and psychologically to bring up children,” the Prime Minister explained.
“Parenting is the most important job in the world, but there is very little help available in developing the knowledge, skills and attitude to do it,” she told the House.
The programme will also seek to help older parents who are having difficulties relating to adolescents who are rebellious and display destructive attitudes and behaviours.
“We see the fundamental root causes, which produce the crime, corruption and the murders. We understand the links in the chain and that is why we are addressing the problem,” the Prime Minister said. She called on the church, school, the mass media, and the nation on a whole “to find the best ways to support the family in positive parenting and protecting our children.”
“As a national family, we must meet the needs of our children. Let us give them our acceptance, attention, care, kindness, support, encouragement, basic provisions for their physical needs, discipline, boundaries and protection. More than anything else, let us give them love,” she advocated.

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