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For the 2008/09 financial year, the Government will be moving strategically to diversify the country’s tourism offerings, so as to penetrate the higher value-added segments of the leisure market.
The Government will also be aiming to expand the range of visitor attractions in the country.
This was disclosed by the Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Professor Sir Kenneth Hall, during his delivery of the Throne Speech at the State Opening of Parliament, today (March 27), to mark the beginning of the new legislative year, which commences on April 1.
“All these efforts are designed to promote growth in the economy, despite the global economic situation. In times of economic volatility there will be winners and losers. We are determined that Jamaica must be among the winners,” Sir Kenneth said.
He also informed that several major projects are under preparation and a number of them are expected to commence during the financial year.
The Government, he noted, will also be providing critical support for the start-up and expansion of small and medium-size enterprises, which have the capacity for speedy implementation and significant job creation.
In addition, the administration will be seeking to create an environment in which investment will take place organically and doing business becomes as hassle-free as possible.
“The government, therefore, will be taking steps to simplify regulatory procedures and eliminate unnecessary restrictions and requirements. We must send a clear signal that Jamaica is not just open for business but anxious for business,” Sir Kenneth said.

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