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Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, has confirmed that the toll for the Portmore leg of Highway 2000 will be increased, but said that the Government is looking at the best option to cushion users from the impact of the increase.
Mr. Golding was responding to a concern raised by a caller about the status of the Portmore toll road, during his first one-hour radio call-in programme, which was broadcast on Wednesday (Jan. 30) from Jamaica House.
He informed that under the existing arrangement with the operators, the cost of the toll is reviewed every six months. He explained that because the previous administration has subsidized the last two increases in January and July 2007, “we have ended up with a situation where we now have to pay $22 million a month to support the toll.”
He advised that the Government is exploring the most feasible option to pursue in the interest of the users, adding that “(Transport & Works) Minister (Michael) Henry is working on it”
“He has been in touch with me, (and) we are trying to see how best we can handle the situation so that we don’t end up putting the full brunt of it (the increase) on the people. What is going to be the level of increase? I can’t tell you yet. But there is definitely going to have to be an increase,” Mr. Golding advised.
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