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State Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Delano Franklyn has said that engaging the interest of second and third generation Jamaicans living overseas is an important goal the Jamaican government is seeking to accomplish as it moves to strengthen its ties with the Jamaican overseas community.
He noted that while “those [Jamaicans] who left in the 1970s, 1960s and even before had maintained very deep affinity, deep love, and real connections with Jamaica”, local Foreign Ministry officials are constantly “thinking how best to continue the interest of second and third generation Jamaicans”.
The State Minister’s comments came recently when he spoke at a JIS Think Tank session to discuss an upcoming Diaspora conference geared towards addressing the concerns of Jamaicans abroad.
The conference, titled, “The Jamaican Diaspora: Unleashing The Potential” will be held from June 16 to 17 at the Jamaica Conference Centre and 400 participants are expected to be in attendance. They will be drawn from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.
According to the State Minister, to a large extent, descendants of Jamaican parentage residing abroad had demonstrated a continued interest in the country “through our music, sports and our athletic events.”
“Many of them have been able to not only give support but have visited Jamaica largely as a result of the fact that Jamaica is now regarded internationally as a brand name,” the Minister added.
He said that an overseas survey that was conducted last year revealed that Jamaica was highly ranked in its recognition as a brand name. The survey was commissioned to find out what were the best known brands internationally.
“Out of 150 names, Jamaica ranked 14th,” he said, adding “the reason we are so known internationally is largely as a result of the positive contributions we have made and that Jamaicans in their own way have penetrated the cultures of other countries.”

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