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    Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, has said that the Government firmly supports statutory provisions to regulate the financing of political parties and election campaigns.
    He was responding to questions raised by Member of Parliament for Western St. Andrew, Anthony Hylton in the House of Representatives on Tuesday (Jan.15), regarding Government’s support for action to regulate political parties and campaign financing.
    Mr. Golding said that the issue is “being considered by the Electoral Commission with a view to submitting a recommendation to Parliament.” He noted that the Electoral Commission is the appropriate body to devise the framework and rules that will apply.
    “The Electoral Commission has long been accepted as the body to which is entrusted the responsibility to formulate and administer the rules regarding the conduct of elections. It is the view of the Government that it should do likewise in regard to regulating political financing,” he stated.
    “We maintain that it would be dangerous for any government to return to the practice of more than 30 years ago, to enact legislation outside of the recommendations of the Electoral Commission, which legislation could significantly affect the conduct and outcome of elections,” Mr. Golding added.
    The Prime Minister said the Government will ask Parliament to enact, without modification, the recommendations forwarded by the Electoral Commission.

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