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The Government has completed an audit of the civil service, to ascertain the status of positions within the sector, Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Senator Dwight Nelson, has said.
Speaking at Wednesday’s (Feb. 11) post-Cabinet briefing at Jamaica House, Senator Nelson said the audit will assist in identifying and determining any area where there is need to alter the complement.
“We completed an audit of the number of posts; the number of posts to be filled; the number of persons who are employed, who are not in established posts; and the need for those persons. We are examining that data now,” he said.
Senator Nelson said that redundancies have almost become a feature of public sector analysis. However, he was quick to point out that the administration would not undertake any necessary redundancies in a vacuum or “willy-nilly”.
In order to determine if there is a need to go that route to increase efficiency, he said that a scientific approach was being undertaken, by engaging the trade unions representing the employees covered by the 2008/10 Public Sector Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), in discussions.
The Minister said that the trade unions had voiced the need for an audit of the sector and have indicated their willingness to accept whatever recommendations that may arise from the exercise.
He said that at Tuesday’s (Feb.10) monthly meeting of the MoU Monitoring and Evaluation Committee, trade union representatives expressed appreciation to the Government for engaging them in dialogue before moving to make any decision on the workers’ future.
“In previous redundancies in the public sector, Governments would simply determine that they needed to cut the wage bill by (a certain figure), and then they got rid of (a corresponding number) of workers. Six months after they did that, the workers were re-employed, because there wasn’t any scientific approach to determine the needs of the particular public sector entity, either by way of quantity or quality of the human resources. We are not prepared to make that mistake this time,” Senator Nelson stated.

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