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The Government is strengthening its capacity to manage chemicals and hazardous wastes in an environmentally-sound manner.

A sum of $3.2 million has been allocated for the undertaking in the 2017/2018 Estimates of Expenditure now before the House of Representatives.

It is being implemented by the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation through funding from the Quick Start Trust Fund.

Among the targets of the project, which initially started in November 2012, are: the preparation of drafting instructions to govern the management of chemicals; updating of the National Chemical Profile; undertaking inventory of mercury and asbestos; and training officers in the handling of hazardous material.

Other targets are: putting a National Chemicals Emergency Response Plan in place; and development and implementation of a national programme for the environmentally sound management of electrical and electronic waste.

For fiscal year 2017/18, consultations will be conducted on the National Chemicals Emergency Risk Management Plan; legislation for chemicals will be drafted; and commencement of inventories for priority chemicals (mercury and asbestos).

As of December 2016, the initiative has resulted in an update in the National Chemicals Profile; completion of an E-waste collection pilot project and preparation of inventory of e-wastes collected.

The first of the drafting instructions for the chemicals legislation was completed; and the Chemicals Hazards Emergency Management Services Mapping Application was also concluded.

The third draft of a National Chemical Emergency Risk Management Plan has been completed.

After several extensions, the project is slated to end in November 2017.