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The Government has put forward a budget of $612.4 billion for 2012/13, with $375 billion earmarked for Recurrent (house-keeping) expenses and $237.4 billion for Capital (development) obligations.

Details of these projections are included in the Estimates of Expenditure, which were tabled in the House of Representatives on Thursday May 10th by Minister of Finance, Planning and Public Service, Hon. Dr. Peter Phillips.

The Ministry of Finance, Planning and Public Service gets the largest sum in the allocations, with $187.84 billion for recurrent expenses and $199.5 billion for capital expenditure. Much of the amount will go towards meeting Jamaica's debt obligations.

The Ministry of Education receives the second largest sum with $73.8   billion for recurrent expenses and $2.3 billion for capital spending.

Ministry of National Security has received   $44 billion for recurrent expenditure and $1.78 billion for capital, while the Ministry of Health gets $32.1 billion for recurrent expenses and $1.3 billion for capital projects.

For the Ministry of Justice, $3.69  billion has been allocated for recurrent and $433 million for capital; Office of the Prime Minister,  $1.65  billion  recurrent, $2.96 billion capital; Ministry of  Science, Technology, Energy and  Mining,  $3.46 billion  recurrent, $2.6 billion capital; and the  Ministry of  Transport,  Works and Housing, $2.18 billion recurrent and $14.91 billion capital.

Allocations to other Ministries are: Agriculture and Fisheries, $3.11 billion recurrent, $3.77 billion capital; Industry, Investment and Commerce, $1.60 billion recurrent, $11  million capital; Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change,   $2.13 billion recurrent, $1.88 billion capital; Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, $2.61 billion recurrent, $91 million capital;  Labour and Social Security, $2.13 billion recurrent, $4.17 billion capital; Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment,  $1.51 billion  for recurrent; Ministry of Youth and Culture, $2.93 billion recurrent, $726 million capital; and Ministry of Local Government and Community Development,  $7.5 billion recurrent,  $537 million  capital.

The Office of the Cabinet has received $494 million for recurrent spending, and  $300 million for capital expenditure.                             

The Auditor General has received $346.5 million recurrent; Office of the Services Commissions, $148.5 million recurrent; the Governor-General and Staff, $118.5  million recurrent; Office of the Public Defender, $76.5 million recurrent; Office of the Contractor General, $209.6  million recurrent;  Office of the Children’s  Advocate, $84 million recurrent; Houses of Parliament $712 million recurrent; and Independent Commission of Investigations $288 million.

The Standing Finance Committee of the House will consider the Estimates of Expenditure from May 15 to 17, and Dr.  Phillips will open the Budget Debate on Thursday, May 24.


By Godfrey Barnes, JIS Editorial Manager