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Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding, says that the Government is working to provide affordable housing in Trelwany to accommodate migrants to the parish, seeking to benefit from the expansion of the cruise ship pier in Falmouth.
“The Housing Agency of Jamaica is working hard to get projects going to facilitate the orderly settlement of people,” Mr. Golding said in the House of Representatives on Tuesday (Dec. 7), in response to questions posed by Opposition Member of Parliament, Dr. Peter Phillips.
He said the government is concerned that the expansion project, to accommodate large cruise liners from around the world, could result in a new wave of squatting in the parish.
“I believe we have started to see signs of that. We anticipate that people from all over are going to start moving into the Falmouth area. We have to anticipate that, and not just to prevent it, but to provide (solutions) for it,” Mr. Golding said.
He noted that while there is “a significant housing development” taking place in Trelawny, “that project does not necessarily address the housing needs and affordability of the people that are likely to be there,” so the government has to address those needs.
Construction of the new Falmouth cruise ship pier has already been completed and is now ready to receive the first cruise ship call scheduled for January 2011.
Ancillary works, including the terminal building, are expected to be completed by April 2011. Temporary facilities for processing cruise ship passengers will be provided in the interim.

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