JIS News

Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining (STEM), Hon. Phillip Paulwell, has reiterated the Government’s commitment to establish a single regulatory body to effectively monitor the telecommunications sector.

Minister Paulwell was speaking during a recent interview on the Jamaica Information Service’s (JIS) ‘Issues and Answers’ programme with Ian Boyne.

“We do intend to now have a single regulator for all aspects of telecommunications. We now have the OUR (Office of Utilities Regulation), the Broadcasting Commission and the Spectrum Management Authority as three bodies that regulate this industry.

“We are determined to replace all of that with one body and that will also enable us to put in place more elaborate rules, not so much focusing on pricing issues but other areas that will encourage competition,” he stated.

He said the Government is intent on issuing another licence for wireless, placing more focus on the broadband network.

“We believe that there is still space, not for voice but for broadband wireless. I want to enable Jamaicans anywhere you go, to be able to have access to fast-speed internet service across the length and breadth of Jamaica,” he added.