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Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Roger Clarke, has welcomed the $350 million investment by the Jamaica Broilers Group into its new Best Dressed Further Processing Facility at Spring Village, St. Catherine.

The Minister, who toured the facility Wednesday, May 8, accompanied by Industry, Investment and Commerce Minister, Hon. Anthony Hylton and Members of Parliament, Dr. Andrew Wheatley and Everard Warmington, said he was extremely impressed by what he saw and commended the company for its continued commitment to Jamaica through its various investments.

“I must commend you for other things too, because your foray into corn production tells me that this is a company that is continuously on the move. It is saying that regardless of what happens, you have a vested interest in the growth and development of Jamaica and for that I am proud and happy,” Mr. Clarke said.

The Minister said he was particularly excited about the possibilities for export being explored by the company’s management.

The facility, which was relocated from Content, Bog Walk, directly employs some 50 workers. The plant is internationally certified to International Standardization Organization (ISO) 14001 and 9001 standards and, on a weekly basis, processes meat, poultry, fish and other seafood for franchises such as KFC, Tastee Limited, Mother’s and Burger King, as well as for schools and restaurants.

Senior Vice President of Poultry Operations at Jamaica Broilers Group, Ian Persard, said the investment reaffirms the Best Dressed group’s commitment to producing wholesome quality products to its customers.

Mr. Persard noted that the move to the new location has given the company the ability to be more cost effective.

“We have been able to pass on some of those (savings) to our customers, and I can tell you that they are very grateful for it,” he said.

“In addition, we are poised not only to produce a number of further processed items, which are currently being imported into Jamaica … but it also sets us up to leverage in the export market and that is a critical feature of this project,” Mr. Persard said.

He informed that the company is working with one of its large customers to get into the Caribbean market.

The facility also provides products for consumers in the wholesale and retail trades. These include chicken and beef burgers, frankfurters and rotisserie chicken marketed primarily under the ‘Reggae Jammin’ brand.

Contact: Andrea Braham

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