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More Jamaicans will soon benefit from increased access to new digital technologies.
Speaking in the 2007/08 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on June 5, Minister of Information and Development, Donald Buchanan, said that the Government will be facilitating investment in broadband infrastructure, which will have positive spin-offs for other areas such as education, health care and the service delivery processes of business and government.
“We will endeavour to increase that access by making sure that under-served communities are connected as we continue to spur development through local and foreign investment,” he informed.
He said that the development that government is facilitating goes beyond telecommunications services. “The developments we are facilitating relate to the digital transformation of this country through the provision of advanced broadband networks, new and emerging wireless technology and next generation digital communication services and devices,” Mr. Buchanan disclosed.
He noted further that government, recognizing that the sector requires a policy and legislative framework that fosters and promotes investment, competition, innovation, the provision of advanced quality services to meet the needs of consumers and technical standards based on international best practices, is continuously reviewing these frameworks that govern the sector in order to foster growth.
“To this end, the Information Committee of the Cabinet, of which I am Chairman, has been making recommendations for a new Telecommunications Policy and Act for Jamaica and reviewing the regulatory frameworks that govern the Information Communication Technology (ICT) and electronic media sector, in order to make final recommendations to Cabinet,” he told the House.
Mr. Buchanan reinforced that his Ministry will continue the consultative process and open dialogue with all stakeholders, as guided by the Public Sector Consultation Code, to further consensus on key issues related to existing regulatory structures.

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