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  • The Government has reiterated its commitment to growing the country’s ICT sector.
  • He noted as well that policy advocacy on behalf of ICT investors will be pursued by pushing for the implementation of key policy initiatives that support their businesses.
  • Minister Hylton informed that employment opportunities exist for project managers, and software engineers.

The Government has reiterated its commitment to growing the country’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector as part of efforts to attract more investment from local and international players.

This was disclosed by Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Anthony Hylton during the official launch of Medullan’s operations in the country at JAMPRO’s New Kingston offices yesterday (April 16).

“We will seek to support the local ICT industry by encouraging more re-investments and building out the capacity and capability of our firms, and so grow the reputation of the ICT sector,” he said.

He noted as well that policy advocacy on behalf of ICT investors will be pursued by pushing for the implementation of key policy initiatives that support their businesses.

“We will, principally through the work of JAMPRO, expand knowledge of Jamaica beyond that of a tourism destination, to be considered as a viable destination for ICT investments. And over time, we will correct any negative perceptions and stereotypes of Jamaica in the marketplace,” he added.

The Minister said work is also being undertaken to increase Jamaica’s mindshare and visibility within the global ICT business community.

​Mr. Hylton lauded the organisers of Medullan Inc, which is a software development firm and IT consultancy with a special focus on digital healthcare innovation, for investing in the country.

“You have made a wise decision in locating your business in Jamaica, given the wide pool (of) talent available to you and your easy near-shore access to the US market,”he said.

He said the launch of Medullan Inc. comes at a time when Jamaica is positioning itself as a global logistics hub, a strategy for economic growth and development.

“A critical element of this effort is the build out of the country’s ICT infrastructure to enable speed and efficiency in commerce,” he added.

​The Minister also highlight a number of bold investment moves and related actions currently unfolding in the island in the areas of wellness and medical tourism, medical marijuana, and the Government’s own stance in promoting healthy tobacco-free lifestyles among the populace.

“These developments and trends in health and wellness when considered in the context of Jamaica’s own competitive advantages for ICT investment would no doubt have heavily influenced Medullan’s decision to invest in Jamaica,” he said.

​In his remark, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Medullan, Ahmed Albaiti noted that apart from the location, Jamaica was chosen because of the calibre of talent available.

He noted that Jamaicans are motivated, engaged and entrepreneurial, yet are humble and laid back, which is an ideal fusion of traits for handling the ever-changing demands of working with the largest U.S health care companies.

Minister Hylton informed that employment opportunities exist for project managers, and software engineers. He invited persons to submit applications to

Medullan is currently located at 13 West Kings House Road in Kingston. It was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 2005 and set up its first Caribbean satellite location in Trinidad in 2007.

Talent acquisition efforts have always drawn the firm to Jamaica, having hired 13Jamaicans in Trinidad.



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