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Minister with responsibility for Information, Telecommunications and Special Projects, Hon. Daryl Vaz, has said that the Government is committed to making full use of technological innovations to transform all sectors of the economy and achieve greater levels of social and economic development.
“We are committed to confronting the issues and providing an adequate framework for the application and integration of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) into every aspect of our daily life,” he stated.
Mr. Vaz was speaking at the Digicel/ Research In Motion corporate seminar on the use of Blackberry Enterprise Solutions held today (Aug.19) at the Wyndham Hotel, New Kingston.

Minister with responsibility for Information, Telecommunication and Special Projects, Hon. Daryl Vaz (right), looks on as Senior Technical Support Specialist, Digicel Business, Andrew Graham, points out the various business solutions offered by Digicel. Chief Executive Officer of Digicel Jamaica, Mark Linehan (centre), observes at centre. They were at the Digicel/Research in Motion corporate seminar on the use of Blackberry Enterprise Solutions today (Aug.19) at the Wyndham Hotel, New Kingston.

He informed that in order to keep pace with developments in ICT, the legislative framework will be reformed, with a focus on harmonising existing legislation and the introduction of enabling and enforceable laws.
In addition, he said, the Government is seeking to advance Jamaica’s regional leadership in ICT by enabling connectivity over multiple and diverse platforms.
“I reiterate the Government’s resolve to move swiftly to encourage the roll out of high capacity networks and the creation of knowledge networks and centres of excellence in order to build capacity in all spheres of ICT,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mr. Vaz encouraged businesses to engage in “game-changing thinking to maximise our intellectual assets for greater progress and add to the intake of our traditional exports.”
“Let us compete on the world stage on the technological arena as software developers across electronic platforms. Become leaders in the provision of content beyond the cutting edge of the research and innovation, and explore the full spectrum of ICT commercial and developmental activities,” the Information Minister urged.
He said Jamaica needs to become an investor-friendly domain where businesses can operate efficiently and effectively, and one in which creativity will flourish, translating in business and enhanced economic activity.
Topics discussed at the conference include: ‘Blackberry security made easy’; ‘Business value of mobile solutions’; ‘Healthcare solutions; ‘Managing your sales and service teams with Blackberry and personal security; and ‘Workforce management through the Blackberry Solution.’

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