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Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator the Hon. Dr. Ronald Robinson, has reiterated the Government’s commitment to the development of Jamaica’s Diaspora movement.
Speaking at the first in a series of town hall meetings at the Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York, USA on Friday evening (April 17), Dr. Robinson, who has responsibility for the Diaspora, touted the progressive steps taken over the past decade to engage Jamaicans overseas.
He cited the creation of the Jamaica Diaspora Foundation, chaired by Professor Rex Nettleford and the establishment of the Jamaica Diaspora Institute under the executive direction of Professor Neville Ying, as examples of major initiatives undertaken.
“We have come a far way as a Diaspora movement. If we were to reflect on where we were 10 years ago, a lot of work has been done,” Dr. Robinson stated.
In the meantime, he said that a quest to find the right mix of personnel to access funding and provide proper representation on behalf of the country, at the global level, was underway.
Turning to the matter of having a representative of the Diaspora serving in Parliament, he indicated that this would be delayed until the issue of dual citizenship was sorted out.
The State Minister used the occasion to announce the appointment of Vincent HoSang, Chief Executive Officer of Caribbean Food Delights/Royal Caribbean Bakery, to the Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board.
Dr. Robinson, who is on a four-state visit to the United States, will engage Jamaicans in New Jersey at a town hall meeting at the East Orange High School on Wednesday (April 22) at 7:00pm. The event will be hosted by the Jamaican Organisation of New Jersey (JON-J).
He is scheduled to meet with nationals in Connecticut on Thursday (April 23) and will be in Philadelphia on Friday and Saturday (April 24 and 25).

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