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Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, informed the House of Representatives on Tuesday (Oct.28), that the Government is committed to establishing a Sex Offenders Registry.
“The report of a working group, which developed a Sex Offenders Management Policy was submitted on June 19. On July 21, Cabinet considered the report and issued drafting instructions to the Chief Parliamentary Counsel, for the preparation of the Sexual Offences Bill on a priority basis,” Mr Golding said.
He added that the draft Bill was completed on October 3, and has been circulated to stakeholders for review and comment. Mr Golding also stated that the draft Bill will shortly be referred to the legislation committee, before presentation to Cabinet and tabling in Parliament.
“The Bill makes provision for the establishment of a Sex Offenders Registry and a regime for monitoring sex offenders. A comprehensive policy for the operation of the registry and implementation of the monitoring programme has been prepared,” Mr. Golding said.
He also expressed the hope that the Sexual Offences Bill, will be brought to Parliament before the end of November. “The cooperation of members will be sought for speedy debate and early passage,” Mr Golding said.

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