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Minister of State for Education, Youth and Culture, Dr. Donald Rhodd, has said that the government of Jamaica, through its various youth programme was providing interventions for the empowerment of young people.
These various initiatives, which are being undertaken by the agencies such as the Heart Trust NTA, National Youth Service, (NYS) and the National Centre for Youth Development (NCYD) are designed to equip young people with the requisite training in technical and vocational areas; provide the discipline needed to cope with the world of work; and support polices for youth development.
“We need to ensure that no one is left behind, we need to empower those who would otherwise be left in oblivion,” the State Minister stated, as he addressed the press launch of the National Employers’ Month celebrations on August 1 at the Jamaica Employers’ Federation’s (JEF) offices in Kingston.
Meanwhile, he indicated that a number of youngsters, though certified, were not gainfully employed nor attending a training institution and the government hoped to address this situation, through initiatives such as the Youth Link-up programme.
Under the programme, the Education Ministry has partnered with other Ministries and agencies to provide “guidance for training and employment opportunities, while it harnesses their talents, channeling these talents in the right direction.”
Dr. Rhodd further pointed to the recent visit of a Jamaican delegation to solicit funds from the Inter-American Development Bank to revamp and expand the Jamaica Youth Business Trust (JYBT), a youth entrepreneurial development organization, which was launched in June 2000.
The mandate of the Trust, as explained by Dr. Rhodd, is to help young people, ages 18-35 years, to start and build sustainable businesses by providing start-up capital, business mentoring, and consistent and continuous ongoing business support. “The youth business trust concept targets the unemployed and underemployed youth, who have good business ideas and wish to start their own businesses, but are unable to get the requisite help and guidance elsewhere,” he explained.
He noted further that a number of employment opportunities were expected to unfold with the advent of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME).
Dr. Rhodd also used the opportunity to encourage the JEF to continue the excellent work as it regards partnering with various bodies to assist the youth. “I implore our youth that this is your opportunity to take advantage of the entrepreneurship and employment programmes offered by the JEF and other organizations,” he stated.

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