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The Government has set aside some $15 million for the development of a National Identification System (NIDS).

As contained in the 2012/13 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House of Representatives, the project, implemented in September 2011, seeks to establish a reliable system of identification for Jamaica citizens and other ordinary residents in the island, with a unique National Identification Number (NIN) as the primary key identifier of a person.

It is being funded by the Korean International Corporation Agency.

Among the key targets for this fiscal year include the development of draft legal and institutional framework; production of draft policy document; exchange experience conducted to a Commonwealth country; and development of terms of reference for legal and communications consultants.

There were a number of achievements under the project up to January 2012, including the development of the terms of reference for the legal and communications consultants; ongoing draft of the NIDS policy; exchange experience conducted to South Korea; approval given for the general procurement notice and procurement plan; and development of the NIDS project plan.

The project, which is being undertaken by the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), is slated to end in April 2014.


By Chris Patterson, JIS Reporter

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